Failure- My Incentive

Word : Failure

Meaning РLack of Success  Lack of practice

Hello to all the beautiful people out there. Hope you’re brightening the world with your light. ūüôā This time i’m here to talk about something that makes all of us flurried or a total nervous wreck in some cases (that was a reference to myself).

Failure. We all have experienced it at some point in life. Its a very common belief that failure means lack of success. ¬†Some of us have outgrown this illusion while others are still in a struggle.It’s not lack of Success, It’s just lack of practice. Lack of some more work that should’ve put into.It’s just a phase that will pass with some more efforts, Period. Literally all of us have gone through Failures. If you haven’t, Then sorry my friend, You haven’t actually tried on anything yet. You haven’t dared to be original. You haven’t had the guts to be wrong. Of course it takes courage to do that.

I am a regular girl who have failed at many things. Far too many things to number. It used to sicken me to admit failures. There were bound to be times i was fret and all conscious about myself , Questioning my own abilities. Failures were always the hurdles in my way .We ought to be anxious about something we have given so much importance to . But i was doing it wrong , All wrong.


One night while i was looking for stars , A beautiful sky lantern caught my eye. I gave it a keen observation . How gracefully it rises into the sky above all and how alluringly beautiful it is to see it burn inside to give the light. Why can’t i be like that lantern ? Why can’t we all be the phoenix to emerge from fire ? That’s because we are always so afraid of failing that we refuse to change. We refuse taking risks.


So my message is clear don’t let your failures cloud your vision but having said all this, I don’t want you to overrate this “learning from failure” thing i.e Whatever you’re doing put your mind to it and there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Make success a self fulfilling prophecy as its your positive vibes about something that gives u the push to do it. Like they say- Fake it till you make it. Learning from mistakes is a different thing but presuming you will be wrong is entirely different. Don’t be your own doom.

Be brave enough to accept failures

He’s a Fighter


I saw him failing everyday . I saw him breaking into pieces . I saw him giving up on life. I saw him wanting to end his life. I’ve seen it all but no more. Now He wears an armour of hope .

My father fell victim to a wrong medication which wasn’t meant for his blood group.The medication reacted on his whole body and damaged his eyes too.Doctors said he got a second life.Sadly his new life got him only 60% sight (with the lens) in one eye .Initially, He even had trouble walking around the house on his own. But he came a long way from there.

He started Fighting his fears and his disabilities. For he knew he was not in this battle alone. He gave up on the idea of giving up and then he was no more vulnerable with a soldier by his side -My Mom. It was not easy for her to accept what fate ¬†had brought for her. But she took over the command of the house. She didn’t let Dad feel helpless or weak.Not for a second. Not for a nanosecond. Not for the smallest entity of time that exists. He was a fighter now, All because of her.I can dedicate my whole life and all my afterlives but i will never seek a love so selfless like that.


Now he sits there ..struggling with the TV. His sight too weak to look at the screen. He is switching between channels and finally stops when his ears are embraced by the soothing gurbani.He stops cause it’s food for his soul. He stops Cause it solaced him. And he just sits there listening to it as it untangles his chains and takes him away from his pain.And he just sits there struggling with the TV and Life.Sometimes he ¬†looks at me and i can see how badly he wants to see me changing and growing into a different person. He looks at our pictures and i see how he struggles with it. He looks at them and i feel his urge to be able to see them.Even after all this , I’m more than astonished to see his strong faith in God. How he’s always so grateful to the Almighty. After all what happened to him, I’d almost turned into an atheist (from an agnostic).But his faith changed everything . His faith made me a believer.His turning into a fighter made me believe in the existence of the divine power.Although Life certainly wasn’t the same for any of us. But as they say Everything happens for a reason. So yes there was a reason behind this one too.

The purpose of this post wasn’t to tug at your heartstrings. But to bring up an issue we’re all acquainted with- We often neglect the simple and little things in life, Which in fact are the real treasures of our life. Always be grateful for having what you’ve. And believe me , Having ¬†a normal life is no less than a blessing itself. Wish for nothing more.




The Virtual Reality

Hello my fellas hope y’all are doing great and making this world a better place with your efforts. ūüôā I’m dead sure i have managed to put some of you in deep thoughts with this strange title , real but not real huh? ¬†So what am i implying ? Spilling the beans..we’re talking here about a recent technology our world is blessed with. Oculus ¬†rift – the best Virtual reality experience ever.VirtualReality.jpg

Now what is Virtual Reality? Its basically imitation of a¬†three-dimensional world ¬†by a computer. So you feel like you’re ACTUALLY there at some place doing some adventurous sport or chasing the wild sharks. This concept may sound extremely futuristic to you but its all HERE. We can finally experience it. The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

Initially, We only had our ¬†gaming experiences enhanced with ¬†virtual reality headsets ¬†But Oculus rift has taken it to a whole new level. Now You can visit your favorite place (Mine would be Paris ūüėÄ ) and dive deep into the sea or touch the heights of mountains. One oculus rift and millions of dreamy experiences.The mastermind behind this is¬†Palmer Luckey. He started working on it ever since he was 18 years old . Always wanting to do something innovative and Creating things. Mark Zuckerberg has bought this VR technology for $2 billion. ¬†Mark zuckerberg’s roller coaster definitely only goes up ! He is just unstoppable as a programmer and as a philanthropist.

Although i’m very much amazed by the concept of doing everything i’ve ever dreamt of with just an Oculus rift but i really wonder what will be the future of entertainment,tourism and travelling? Above all will i ever get out of my room if the whole world can come to me that easily?Another issue with this real but virtual experience has to be the fact that it’s a completely personal experience that is i might be going to the best of the places and doin the most adventurous of sports but i’ll be alone in it. Expectations are we will soon be sharing our VR experience too with the others. Facebook would be the expected platform as Mark zuckerberg’s recent updates has suggested .In the end I think Oculus rift is a great invention and no less than a wish granting genie ¬†but ¬†Technology my people, It ¬†always comes with a warning label.


Last but not the least, Lets be brave enough to face everything that comes up.

Future-An escape from Present?

Hello world ūüôā I’m here with my second post . Sharing one of my personal realization of a bug in our system which doesn’t let us produce the results we desire. ūüėõ

Dreaming about future is probably a¬†favorite¬†hobby for some of us. By no means i’m referring to any future prediction or Precognitive dreams. Because stuff like that has no existence. I’m talking about a whole different phenomenon. The first time this interesting “phenomenon” came to my knowledge is when i was reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska.(Also One of my¬†favorite¬†books)


Looking for Alaska-John Green.

These lines were so powerful they changed my whole damn perspective about life in a¬†minute¬†second. I mean woah we really do that thing.Honestly i know there’s no wrong when we think about future to drive ourselves to do stuff .Sometimes you need a lil push to go beyond your boundaries and do things.Imagining a future scenario to motivate yourself to do efforts and hardwork seems legit. But What if you’re overdoing it? What if you’re doing it to the point where you’re using the future to escape from present? O O Problem detected!

9f51818e74c4dcc03e1d0354500f7ad5Future promises nothing. Nothing is certain and no one can ever predict it . Who knows if a¬†meteoroid¬†is already lined up for earth? But we sure can be the builders of our own future and for that wheresoever we are we have to be present there with our whole mind and heart. This labyrinth of life offers us so many paths.There’s no right path and there’s hell no wrong path.Nothing is certain.SO why not follow the one your heart leads you to ? And once you take this one,It becomes the right path you’ll be leaded by your own footsteps . Everything you need is Offered by TODAY. Your PRESENT. All the chances , the risks, the opportunities. Open up your eyes to the numerous things you could do today but you kept reserving them for¬†tomorrow. Ever¬†Wondered¬†what would’ve happened if all the discoveries and¬†inventions were procrastinated? We’d still be posting letters to each other. When you stop just merely existing and start living you’ll have ¬†a beautiful world to explore . Don’t be lost too much in a future that is yet to come ,that you loose all what you have in your Present.¬†

Be Brave enought to take risks and speak your heart out.Stay tuned for more.

From Wheels to Hoverboards

All of us know the very first invention made by early man was  the Invention of wheel.Its impossible to visualize a world around us with no Wheels. One may be tempted to wonder Wheel was just a humble invention compared to the fancy gadgets we have in our kitty now. But we cant decline the fact that it was pretty much the most useful discovery we could afford right? Our whole transportation is now built on those wheels. So back then we were much aware of our needs.

Now Lets talk about the most popular gadget these days. Chances are the word “Hoverboard” has already popped up in your mind. ¬†Yeah so Hoverboards? Seriously why on Earth do we need em ? ¬†All thanks to the Back To future part II¬†movies for all the hype over the past 12 months. Honestly the Hoverboards depicted originally in the movie aren’t even close to materialising. What we have is just a¬†balancingscooter¬† .Marketing Ploy or whatever it was, Hoverboards are money wasted pointless.We aren’t ready for it.

Fire is Catching

There has been several News regarding the safety issues with Hoverboards. Acc to US consumer Product safety Commission, 70 cases of accidents due to hoverboards were reported. Videos of Parents and kids falling from hoverboards have gone viral too. If this wasn’t enough there has been 22 cases of hoverboards catching on fire. Probably due to overheating of the lithium batteries that they have. So are you really willing to spend on a good-for-nothing fire catching balancing scooter and risk your life just because you think its dope?

We need to give this thing a serious thought and developers should also consider the consequences before making a product like that. There’s no use wasting half a million dollars on creating something like that, when we have much more areas of useful research for expenditure.

Stay Tuned for More.Be Brave enough always.