Hello World !

Okay so First thing first, What do i find the most difficult part? THE INTRODUCTION . -_-


I’m very weird at explaining myself. How do i tell people who i am when i don’t know myself who i am .Yep i seriously believe a person can never know themselves enough We keep changing at every point in life With Time, With Places,With people, With food ,With songs and every other possible thing on the planet. There must be a lot of you who go blank on introduction part just like me.

The only thing thats constant about me is I live on earth The rest keeps on changing.(Having excluded the possibility of me going on moon and blogging from there )

So Yeah MY INTRO goes like : Hi i am someone who lives on earth and can be a lot more interesting than i sound . My FEARS- Far too many to write. Solution- Just One. I fight them Everyday.Because i know all i want is on the other side of my fears.dfaa1d69a04cf91a3799ffd88b7d5e31

What my BLOG is all about

My Blog is all about LOOOOOOVEEE. No Its not gonna be a cheesy love quotes blog.By love i mean Love for Technology.Love for Art.Love for Words.Love for the world.

My new  Technology post  From Wheels to Hoverboards will be up soon.And ill be all techie. 😉

Stay tuned.Be Brave.


  1. Harsimran kaur · January 5, 2016

    I agree with you regarding the bootless use of hoverboards. They are nothing more than wastage of the hard earned money. Its better to use much more and effecient alternatives. Thanku gurleen for bringing this problem to light👍🏻👍🏻


    • gurleen9 · January 5, 2016

      I’m glad we share the same views. Stay Tuned for more 🙂


  2. thedivinedevil · January 5, 2016

    Technology, well that’s all made of failures and successful attempts to push beyond the current limit. Hoverboards are no exception, its just the initial push towards personal mobolization tech. I feel this technology, now thought of as dope would certainly help a lot of crippled aged people and special children with slight improvements and government aid. Idea of automated gps movement cannot be ignored.Technology blooms when you help it grow in right direction by submitting solutions to bugs found so far….
    Very well written! Congratulations on your first post. Keep writing and enlightening the world.
    Best wishes 😊👍😊


    • gurleen9 · January 5, 2016

      Yeah it COULD be a great idea if it were implied in the right direction. Hoverboard can be of use for the disabled only if it can make their legs stronger. Which seems far too impossible for a gadget.
      Thanks for your views.Stay tuned.


  3. Tanvi · January 6, 2016

    Really an awesome n enlightening post ….. !! Really vry well written … Quite interesting and enjoyed reading it …. keep going!


  4. Tanvi · January 6, 2016

    Really interesting and enlightening post … loved it and enjoyed reading it … Keep going ☺👍


  5. Amit Chawla · January 23, 2016

    Really interesting! Great Job! None of the posts could be left without completing.! Keep Going.


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