From Wheels to Hoverboards

All of us know the very first invention made by early man was  the Invention of wheel.Its impossible to visualize a world around us with no Wheels. One may be tempted to wonder Wheel was just a humble invention compared to the fancy gadgets we have in our kitty now. But we cant decline the fact that it was pretty much the most useful discovery we could afford right? Our whole transportation is now built on those wheels. So back then we were much aware of our needs.

Now Lets talk about the most popular gadget these days. Chances are the word “Hoverboard” has already popped up in your mind.  Yeah so Hoverboards? Seriously why on Earth do we need em ?  All thanks to the Back To future part II movies for all the hype over the past 12 months. Honestly the Hoverboards depicted originally in the movie aren’t even close to materialising. What we have is just a balancingscooter  .Marketing Ploy or whatever it was, Hoverboards are money wasted pointless.We aren’t ready for it.

Fire is Catching

There has been several News regarding the safety issues with Hoverboards. Acc to US consumer Product safety Commission, 70 cases of accidents due to hoverboards were reported. Videos of Parents and kids falling from hoverboards have gone viral too. If this wasn’t enough there has been 22 cases of hoverboards catching on fire. Probably due to overheating of the lithium batteries that they have. So are you really willing to spend on a good-for-nothing fire catching balancing scooter and risk your life just because you think its dope?

We need to give this thing a serious thought and developers should also consider the consequences before making a product like that. There’s no use wasting half a million dollars on creating something like that, when we have much more areas of useful research for expenditure.

Stay Tuned for More.Be Brave enough always.


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