Future-An escape from Present?

Hello world 🙂 I’m here with my second post . Sharing one of my personal realization of a bug in our system which doesn’t let us produce the results we desire. 😛

Dreaming about future is probably a favorite hobby for some of us. By no means i’m referring to any future prediction or Precognitive dreams. Because stuff like that has no existence. I’m talking about a whole different phenomenon. The first time this interesting “phenomenon” came to my knowledge is when i was reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska.(Also One of my favorite books)


Looking for Alaska-John Green.

These lines were so powerful they changed my whole damn perspective about life in a minute second. I mean woah we really do that thing.Honestly i know there’s no wrong when we think about future to drive ourselves to do stuff .Sometimes you need a lil push to go beyond your boundaries and do things.Imagining a future scenario to motivate yourself to do efforts and hardwork seems legit. But What if you’re overdoing it? What if you’re doing it to the point where you’re using the future to escape from present? O O Problem detected!

9f51818e74c4dcc03e1d0354500f7ad5Future promises nothing. Nothing is certain and no one can ever predict it . Who knows if a meteoroid is already lined up for earth? But we sure can be the builders of our own future and for that wheresoever we are we have to be present there with our whole mind and heart. This labyrinth of life offers us so many paths.There’s no right path and there’s hell no wrong path.Nothing is certain.SO why not follow the one your heart leads you to ? And once you take this one,It becomes the right path you’ll be leaded by your own footsteps . Everything you need is Offered by TODAY. Your PRESENT. All the chances , the risks, the opportunities. Open up your eyes to the numerous things you could do today but you kept reserving them for tomorrow. Ever Wondered what would’ve happened if all the discoveries and inventions were procrastinated? We’d still be posting letters to each other. When you stop just merely existing and start living you’ll have  a beautiful world to explore . Don’t be lost too much in a future that is yet to come ,that you loose all what you have in your Present. 

Be Brave enought to take risks and speak your heart out.Stay tuned for more.

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