Incredible Indians

Do you love your country? Tricky question huh? If you’re taking more than 10 secs to say a Yes, Then, believe me, it’s already an NO. It’s not even “I don’t know” Its a plain NO.

Just today I received a video on WhatsApp.And it wasn’t a pointless wastage-of-data video. In fact, it was one of those eye-opening videos. And it ended with these beautiful lines.

Money doesn’t make you a hero


Respect towards your country makes you a real hero

And this is what I’m going to discuss today. I witness every day how we are gradually losing the respect for our nation. I’m not against seeing oneself as a citizen of the world. Honestly, I like that thought cause it makes us all united  in a sense.Also, I’m not against any kind of fascination for the other nations. Now, what really bothers me is when I am encountered with people who are complaining constantly about their country. And what do they complain about? Almost everything from corruption(genuine) to why Arvind Kejriwal was wearing sandals while meeting the French president. Seriously what kind of priorities have we set for ourselves? Why are the pointless things always in the limelight? When the country is going through a turmoil why is something so irrelevant in the discussion? Ironically the problems we complain about are the problems we’ve created for ourselves. I know there’s an awful lot to fix about India. But most of us have been fanning the flames that will end up burning us all to ashes.

It’s crucial for all of us to be aware of our country’s most important issues at the moment.If I ask you to think about it, Issues like poverty, unemployment, education etc may come to your mind. Then you might say I’m not running the Govt.What can possibly I do to make changes? I don’t have any authority.But this is where you’re wrong my friend.In my most rational & genuine opinion, the most  important issues are actually related to us and our incomprehension of some problems. The only thing we need to do is make some very basic changes in the way we look at things, The way we react to News & what information we share.Because all these things eventually end up making a media hype that is, well, Just hype.

 Finally, the most important attribute of an Indian I consider should be-Respect towards the country. Even if you don’t love your country, You should ALWAYS respect your motherland.The recent incident at JNU Delhi is a corroboration to this. I totally support JNU for the fact that they had the right to express their disagreement with something and I’m against those political self-proclaimed protectors of “Nationalism” parties which fuel the fire that should never burn. But the anti-national slogans raised (by whomsoever) during the event was unendurable for any of us.Every country has some issues to be fixed.We fight until they’re sorted. We fight together, Not with each other. For an incredible India, We need incredible Indians not a bunch of ingrates.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

I have always been moved by this one.It’s such an educational and profound quote.The changes we wish to see in our society has to begin with us. You believe India should be cleaner? Do your actions reflect the same? Have you contributed in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan? Or u just sit there magically wishing for all the garbage to disappear? You hate corrupt politicians but won’t vote for the new party because they’re inexperienced? Then i would say there are some serious issues with Us-The incredible Indians and not our country.