Lies we tell ourselves

I know It’s been a long   Looooooooong time since i last posted. That’s mainly because :

  1. I’m an Engineering student So a lot of project work you know.
  2. I only write out of experiences so was looking for a good topic to write on.
  3. I’m glad you’re still reading coz i was probably just making excuses .

Okay so I apologize for not being frequent lately. But the good part is , I got a lot of things to discuss. Last two months were actually pretty illuminating for me. And by no means I’m talking about my college education here. In fact everything except that.

So i started with a book the day before yesterday and it’s title really made me wonder about the “Lies we tell ourselves“. What lies have i told myself so far? Maybe i’m not the only one who might find this question a little bizarre.But soon it will prick you and suddenly it will sound like the most thought provoking question ever. It will penetrate deep in your mind.As soon as the above mentioned phenomenon happened to me , I recalled every lil lie i told myslef. It’s not the same with everyone though. Not all of you must know when you’re lying to yourself. But being aware of it can certainly help you in avoiding it.

So what happened with me when i realized i’ve been lying to myself for several reasons ?Well , At first i thought what’s the issue? If it makes me feel better about my life and myself. But there is INFACT a big issue. One needs to be true to oneself. If something is bad , It’s bad . We ought to deceive ourselves about situations in life we fear to face. But we need to go through these storms to come out cleaner and stronger.I lied to myself whenever i saw something strenuous coming my way but i realised i shud’ve just prepared myself for it rather than keeping myself content. It’s like a big heavy stone is coming your way but since you tend to avoid yourself getting paranoid so you choose to turn your face away. Yeah maybe for some freaky seconds you won’t see the stone anymore.But what happens after that ? I hope you dig the metaphor. We maybe avoding self-awareness to run away from things but we clearly can’t run longer with those shackles of responsibilities.

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves


I’ve been lying at times when rationalizing my behaviour to myself. Just to make sure everything i did was allright. But sometimes it’s not Allright.It’s all wrong. Better we fix ourselves for this rampant self-deception or we land up masquerading all the time.

Trust me when you fix these issues , You feel so light inside. Light as a feather. Nothing compares with the feeling of being true to yourself. If you know yourself and your flaws, You can easily hack the code to success.

Be brave enough to not lie to yourself


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