Broken Halo 

Have you ever been blamed for not being too nice? Yeah? And for being fake because you overdid the nice thing?  Settle down and get ready to relate.  I’ve seen people going complete nuts when someone is overly nice with them. “God she is so fake” like sentences are literally everywhere. So either way, they’re gonna judge you.”What do people want exactly? ” Is officially the most asked question in my head and most of the heads.

There are some self-proclaimed expert people in our society who think they have some kind of special power to rate and judge people. Like, hello u there? Can’t you just mind your own Fanta business?

The thing is you can never ever change the perspective of others. But you can do something bigger than that. You can embrace yourself and quit being a social snob. Yes being yourself is a huge thing. We are all sometimes wore on by the weight of being “Nice” and being “Liked” that we lose our authenticity. Is it all worth it if in the end you’re still gonna get labeled?

I was always viewed as being a stuck-up and arrogant person. I don’t know maybe my demeanor be like “Bugger off ” but honestly I was just a regular not-so-exuberant girl. You feel me? But you see these people don’t come from a different planet. They’re among us. In fact, THAT’S US most of the times.

Recently I read 13 REASONS WHY – Jay asher.  And I would recommend all those people to read it who think their teeny tiny remarks about someone and their mean comments on someone won’t make much difference and who think people are too cool to sit and think about such small things in life. Well NO. “Everything affects Everything”. Your actions matter to the people around you. You probably think there is so much going on in everyone’s life that people don’t give a fuck. But guess what? Your actions only added to their troubles. It’s like the Snowball effect. It only grows bigger.

You know why people commit suicide?  They’re not paid attention to. Or they don’t let people pay attention to them. Either they detach themselves or we detach them. How can we stop these things?

-Don’t miss out on the signs.

-Don’t ignore the bullies.

-Don’t be one of them.

I am not even asking you to go out and look for people to help. But don’t ignore the ones around you. Love Isn’t love till you give it away. And the world won’t be saved if we keep going this way.

Every day I feel like talking to certain people. People I have never talked to.But I back out. I don’t know why? Clouds of thoughts, Blurring my mind and then showering me with millions of doubts.My mind speaks a million things, But the sound is too disjointed for me to make out the words.  It ends on this question. Can you believe I’m just one “Hi” away from talking to someone or even saving them from something and all I can think  about is “Will it look okay?” “Won’t I come off as a creep?” We always underestimate the power an individual carries within them.You have the power to Save, Kill, Destroy, Heal lives. You can save the person next to you.You’re full of Spring baby. You’re full of Colors.

Your smallest act can make someone’s day. Your “You look beautiful” can boost up a girl’s self-confidence. Your ” I like being with you” can make someone like themselves and fight self-consciousness. Your “I am here for you” can make someone feel at home. Your “I love you” can change someone’s world. Your “You can trust me” can make someone feel safe. These are some golden words. These and many more of them which can be used every day to make someone smile and love themselves or their life 🙂 Is it too hard to do?


Let’s take off those horns and fix em up again to a Halo.


  1. Gourish · March 26, 2017

    Very well written and words put on amazingly.Hoping to see and read much more on this blog !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • gurleen9 · March 26, 2017

      Thankyou Gourish 🙂 I will try my best. Keep reading.


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