Mini way of life

Isn’t it crazy how life is always changing?How things are always fluctuating. Sometimes riding  with a bunch of people sometimes walking down a side path alone.Sometimes being fixed by love sometimes being torn apart . But amongst all the emotional trauma and all the shor , Where do you see yourself? Do u see yourself evolving through all of this? Growing through experiences.Loosing but learning.

They always kept saying to us that we should know what’s important in life.But never they said it’s more important to know what is not needed in life. That was an easy way out i guess.It’s  Just like how we’re always so quick at crossing out things off a list but when it comes to adding up something..error ..System stops responding! ?

I fall under the category of 20 something .If you ask people of my age what is the most valuable possession they own? There are fairly good chances of getting a materialistic thing as an answer.

“I have a bag , which is from Prada and oooh it was expensive”  – Some brand slave chick

“Well i have a diamond ring ” – some diamond loving chick

“I guess it would be my sports bike”  – random dude

(Source- My imaginary view of people of my age)

Recently, I was very fascinated by the concept of a Minimalist.And i can’t figure out why ? Maybe I was in tremendous need of something so basic . Maybe i am also one of those people who value things too much ? Maybe it’s because as we grow up, the size of our Clutter grows too? It was so fetching ! And i hope it will be the same for you guys too. By this time most of you must be wondering who/what exactly is a minimalist?

Well, My personalized(and might be technically incorrect) definition is-Someone who is happy with the minimum . Someone who is aware of the superfluous in their life. Someone who knows what to value and what to let go off. In our cultures, We grew up watching people gather stuff throughout life.But may i ask what for? Can we just stop it ? Can’t we all just stop gathering stuff and instead look around for some experiences , Some moments , Some memories ? (In case you are wondering-I’m not asking you to leave college and become a nomad ) I also don’t mean to imply that a minimalist can’t  own stuff.Own whatever you love ! Own a Car.Own good clothes.But be conscious of what you do , own or love.Do it more wilfully. Make sure it is purposeful and not just to full .

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Yes , Sweeties . When Less is more for you. You can call yourself in the safe zone.We all are so much occupied by the idea of earning more, Getting more, Being more that the notion of deliberately going for less is little offbeat for us.But believe me, it’s the way to go!

Extending the concept of minimalist a little more, We can apply it to the people around us too. When you’re decluttering, Why not subtract some people from the equation too ? Cut off that negative..add some positive and multiply with happiness and that’s as far as i go with maths so let’s just stop here.

Ending this post on a beautiful note with this picture .






Be brave enough to try a minimalist approach


  1. Dhruv Mahajan · October 28, 2016

    You should definitely watch, The Fight Club starring Brad Pitt.
    It relates to your idea in a gr8 way.
    Nice to know your thoughts.
    Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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