UDTA Punjab- An oxymoron

I’m back home from Chennai and I’m just sitting and flipping through the pictures in my phone gallery. Nice beach pictures, Pictures of the sunrise, Pictures of a girl who is (almost) carefree-Yeah that’s me, Pictures of my favorite foods from the South. It was so nice to have a family holiday after so long. But that’s not what left it’s imprint on me. It’s not just the beaches and the sea that I miss. I miss a whole lot of things.I sure would have loved to explain the beautiful locations and make this a travel post but NO. There’s something more important for us to know about the city than just it’s Beaches and temples and the amazing food. It was the people of the city.I just simply analyzed and observed. They’re remarkably simple.No fancy clothes, Hair dyes or any kind of experimenting.Like, all they care about is work and family.I was in awe of their simplicity and felt so hollow of myself.Not just because of the apparent difference of attire, But I felt I am sometimes just more consumed in myself. Anyways, Moving on, This post is to scrutinize different aspects.At first, I wasn’t really sure whether I should write about this issue, Constantly torn between “I should write it’s an important issue” and “Who cares we are the citizens of the world”. But then my gut instinct took over and here it is.

We all have this strong ardent bond with the place we are born in. And no matter where we are in the world, Hearing “Punjab” will get us goosebumps. You can switch places, languages, work, food,  But who we are on the inside – It’s forever.

I am a Punjabi myself so this post is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments/feelings/religion /knee/elbow/anything that could possibly be hurt by my post. I love being a Punjabi. Our culture is vibrant. We are great. (not promoting chauvinism just quoting most of us) That’s all okay ..We know it. So where are we missing? Missing what? What am I talking about? Don’t play fool folks. Some of us are struggling to get a nice job. Some of us have already gotten one in a company (out of Punjab). Some of us are struggling to get to a good college(Out of Punjab). Some of us are already in some good college (Out of Punjab). Why does Punjab have no IT Sector? Why are there no big industries here? Why even the agriculture sector isn’t growing as it should be? Is it us or is it the government? I think Both. I won’t comment much on the government part because let’s admit it- We seriously have no f-in idea whom to trust anymore.Just vote wisely.Sitting there and laughing at Sukhbir Badal’s troll videos(Even tho some of them are real funny) won’t make a difference.So just vote wisely. Now the quest is-Where are WE doing it wrong?

Our complacent attitude towards life is paving the way for more and more problems in our state’s future. Why are we satisfied with what we have? You and I will move out of the state and get a job maybe. And that’s okay what else am I supposed to do? Sit at home with a  “I LOVE PUNJAB ” signboard with no job instead? Of course not. Everyone loves their home and the state and the country but what forces them to move out is the condition of the state, The country.  And what cause that condition? Maybe somehow we did? Maybe our ignorance towards the issues in our state. Youth that is not motivated enough. Youth that only has Immigration on their mind. Youth that is repelling their own motherland.I suggest all those who are struggling, To hold on and try. We lose when we stop trying. Don’t run away because it’s difficult here. It’s not gonna be easier anywhere else. Some battles just can’t be skipped. There is no “SKIP IT FOR NOW” button for life. You have to do Life.

Let alone the jobs and the talk about Hard work. The mentality and the very basic characteristics that a Punjabi should have is missing these days.We have been chanting stories of our Gurus and Warriors- Their bravery, The respect they’ve always shown towards Women. The tribe that has been teaching the world the lessons of bravery and respect has today, their own state infested with eve-teasers. I am not asking you to patrol the streets and catch these perverts.But you should most certainly not be a goddamn bystander when a girl or a guy screams for help.

Our state being Rich is only a myth now. We can’t be rich unless we change our mindset. The reason we are losing it on all ends and the reason the Punjab we used to hail as our strength is our weakness now, Is not just because of the government but we are playing a huge role in it. Let’s be a welcoming hard-working state. Let’s care a little more about the Punjab we were born in. Let’s be a little more concerned about the Punjab it’s heading to. Let’s make it fly for real.





Be Brave