The Virtual Reality

Hello my fellas hope y’all are doing great and making this world a better place with your efforts. ūüôā I’m dead sure i have managed to put some of you in deep thoughts with this strange title , real but not real huh? ¬†So what am i implying ? Spilling the beans..we’re talking here about a recent technology our world is blessed with. Oculus ¬†rift – the best Virtual reality experience ever.VirtualReality.jpg

Now what is Virtual Reality? Its basically imitation of a¬†three-dimensional world ¬†by a computer. So you feel like you’re ACTUALLY there at some place doing some adventurous sport or chasing the wild sharks. This concept may sound extremely futuristic to you but its all HERE. We can finally experience it. The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

Initially, We only had our ¬†gaming experiences enhanced with ¬†virtual reality headsets ¬†But Oculus rift has taken it to a whole new level. Now You can visit your favorite place (Mine would be Paris ūüėÄ ) and dive deep into the sea or touch the heights of mountains. One oculus rift and millions of dreamy experiences.The mastermind behind this is¬†Palmer Luckey. He started working on it ever since he was 18 years old . Always wanting to do something innovative and Creating things. Mark Zuckerberg has bought this VR technology for $2 billion. ¬†Mark zuckerberg’s roller coaster definitely only goes up ! He is just unstoppable as a programmer and as a philanthropist.

Although i’m very much amazed by the concept of doing everything i’ve ever dreamt of with just an Oculus rift but i really wonder what will be the future of entertainment,tourism and travelling? Above all will i ever get out of my room if the whole world can come to me that easily?Another issue with this real but virtual experience has to be the fact that it’s a completely personal experience that is i might be going to the best of the places and doin the most adventurous of sports but i’ll be alone in it. Expectations are we will soon be sharing our VR experience too with the others. Facebook would be the expected platform as Mark zuckerberg’s recent updates has suggested .In the end I think Oculus rift is a great invention and no less than a wish granting genie ¬†but ¬†Technology my people, It ¬†always comes with a warning label.


Last but not the least, Lets be brave enough to face everything that comes up.

From Wheels to Hoverboards

All of us know the very first invention made by early man was  the Invention of wheel.Its impossible to visualize a world around us with no Wheels. One may be tempted to wonder Wheel was just a humble invention compared to the fancy gadgets we have in our kitty now. But we cant decline the fact that it was pretty much the most useful discovery we could afford right? Our whole transportation is now built on those wheels. So back then we were much aware of our needs.

Now Lets talk about the most popular gadget these days. Chances are the word “Hoverboard” has already popped up in your mind. ¬†Yeah so Hoverboards? Seriously why on Earth do we need em ? ¬†All thanks to the Back To future part II¬†movies for all the hype over the past 12 months. Honestly the Hoverboards depicted originally in the movie aren’t even close to materialising. What we have is just a¬†balancingscooter¬† .Marketing Ploy or whatever it was, Hoverboards are money wasted pointless.We aren’t ready for it.

Fire is Catching

There has been several News regarding the safety issues with Hoverboards. Acc to US consumer Product safety Commission, 70 cases of accidents due to hoverboards were reported. Videos of Parents and kids falling from hoverboards have gone viral too. If this wasn’t enough there has been 22 cases of hoverboards catching on fire. Probably due to overheating of the lithium batteries that they have. So are you really willing to spend on a good-for-nothing fire catching balancing scooter and risk your life just because you think its dope?

We need to give this thing a serious thought and developers should also consider the consequences before making a product like that. There’s no use wasting half a million dollars on creating something like that, when we have much more areas of useful research for expenditure.

Stay Tuned for More.Be Brave enough always.